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My name is Thormungandr, sometimes Thor or Richard to my friends. I am a full time Twitch Partner playing games on a Steering Wheel, Donkey Kong bongos and other alternative controllers.


This stream is a place of mental health awareness and a safe space for the LGBTQ+ Community. Away from Twitch, I am a professional photographer. I have a passion for educating others and finding new ways to creatively play games.

Thormungandr | Twitch Streamer

This Week's Schedule

These are the days that I stream. Please remember that the schedule is subject to change. All times start at 4pm in your local time. Please follow Thor on social media to be alerted of changes.

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Starting at 4pm (GMT-0400)


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Starting at 4pm (GMT-0400)


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Starting at 4pm (GMT-0400)


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Starting at 4pm (GMT-0400)


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