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These are all the places that you can support the channel, and thank you for helping make the stream better.

Subscribing to the channel triggers an alert on stream.


Additional perks of being a subscriber:

Custom Emotes *

Subscriber Badge

Ad-Free Viewing


* Usable Anywhere on Twitch

Various Artists Emotes: RosaPrieto, AttacRacc, AlexArtMe, Squigglyswiggley, Kittrex_Creates, Maddher, Notsoheadless,

Here are the merch stores we have where you can buy mugs, stickers, clothing and more.

Please check them out, and if you are in our discord and you purchase something – we would love to see you with them!

You can tip through StreamElements / Paypal / Ko-fi to directly support myself as a full time streamer and towards the continued betterment of the stream quality and production.

Another great way to support the stream is through Throne Gifts.


Throne gifts allows people to buy gifts for me through a privacy first platform that keeps the information of the buyer and the streamer separate, confidential and secure.


People can even suggest gifts for me through the throne gifts platform!

Bits are Twitch’s digital currency which you can cheer with.
When used in certain amounts on Thor’s stream they will trigger a variety of fun alerts.
SSML tags are allowed through cheers!
Give a certain amount of bits to trigger any of these alerts.
Below is a nice searchable list to help you find what you want to use:
Cost (in bits) Description
160 Velmungandr Zone
40 Confetti Surprise
160 Sonic Drowning Piano
70 Confetti Surprise
7777 7777
1100 Jill Sandwich
1000 Aquire the Sire (Whooper Bop)
777 777
666 Scare bit alert (3 variations)
602 Send Thors butt to the shadow realm
500 Whooper TROOPER
333 Auctioneer Rockstar
300 Screaming hotdog
275 Lets Go Wooper dance
211 Moms not home Mon Hun
205 [Scare] Knock Knock alert
200 James May Cheese
180 Scare alert randomizer (3 variations) for now
150 Wooper Quartet
120 HE (cats)
169 Knuckles your meme is Illegal
101 Sonic the Eggdog
100 Pokemon evolution (14 variations)
77 77
75 Listening to Kirby
74 Bouncing Seals
69 Come here my little Thor Champ (jumpscare)
67 Sonic.gif
60 Turdis
50 Cat Meow meme (4 variations)
42 Thor Nom Nom Meme
36 Open that door (3 variations)
35 Kula Noot Noot
33 You Died (3 variations)
7 7