4th Annual Desert Bus Bit/Dono/Sub-A-Thon!

Welcome to the 4th Annual Desert Bus Sub-A-Thon!

This event is happening right now (Dec 29th, 2023) and will go for as long as the timer runs.

Bits, Donos, and Subs will keep the timer going for longer as we play Desert Bus, and only Desert Bus.

Here is the list of things that will keep the timer going:

Whats the best way to support the streamer? Donations and Bits have a bigger impact in terms of how much the streamer gets from them! Subs are still very important however the streamer gets a smaller cut depending on the tier of the sub. Bits and Donos are king and subs are still super good!

100% of bit’s and donos go to the streamer

Sub split is as follows (Streamer/Twitch):

Every tier 3 sub will also receive a Beanmungandr entrance visual effect that you can trigger once per stream for the rest of eternity